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244 Lower Twolick Drive**Indiana, PA 15701

Phone: (724)422-3491

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2014 Pygora & Nugora kid goats have arrived ! !
Click on the goat link below for pics & prices


Sheep Thrills, a craft shop of 25 years, has been transformed!
we are now Sheep Thrills Fiber Farm
Our shop will continue to offer an assortment of sheepskin items, like slippers, hats, car/motorcycle seat covers and sheepskins.
We have now added new dimensions to our product lines.
We have added raw mohair for spinning and Reborn Doll making from our angora and pygora goats.
Kid goats are also available.
In addition, we now have a large selection of used Western and English saddles,
along with other new and used horse tack.
Photos of our saddles are able to be viewed in our Ebay Store,
(Click the Ebay link on our website at www.sheepthrills.net)
or just visit us in Indiana, PA 15701-6102 at our farm.
Can contact us at (724) 465-7826 or 724-422-3491 to setup a visit.
We still offer our original service of creating a Family Heirloom Teddy Bear from your own fur coat or cherished garment.

Sheep Thrills Fiber Farm wishes to thank Lavender Hill Angora & Nubian Goat Farm
for the purchase of two of their crossed nubian and angora does from
their two outstanding registered flocks.
Sheep Thrills Fiber Farm wishes to start raising a new breed, "Nugora" the homesteader's goat
and the champion bloodlines of Lavender Hill's goats will allow this dream to come true.
The crossing of the nubian dairy goat with the angora fiber goat will allow the creation of a goat
that can do it all; milk, fiber, meat and pack animal.
To begin, the nubian is the best choice for high butterfat versus high milk production,
which leads to cheese production. Also, this milk grows baby goats.
The nubian breed was used in deriving the boer meat goat breed
and makes a great cross with meat goats.
The nubian wethers are used in the pack industry all over the USA.
Finally, the angora goat is the producer of mohair and though crosses may have
their own unique hair, all can be used in the cottage industry or the present day homesteader.
The crossing of the nubian and angora or "Nugora" allows all of the strengths of the two breeds
to blend together to become the homesteaders choice of goats.
Thanks again to Lavender Hill Farms for their dedication toward perfection of their two goat breeds.

2014 Fiber Goat Kids are here! Click the link below for info & prices

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Sheep Thrills Teddy Bears Hand Made FUR Teddy Bears Fur Coats into Teddy Bear

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About Us


Do you have a fur coat that you no longer wear?
"Sheep Thrills"
will create a family heirloom
from your coat, that already is full of history & memories!
I hand make Teddy Bears from all types of furs such as mink,
rabbit, seal, muskrat, angora goat, raccoon, fox, faux.
Also Vintage coats and clothes.
I also make Teddy Bears from any other treasured or
vintage garment, such as flannel shirts, baby clothes, leather jackets,
sweaters, quilts, etc.
The bears are all fully jointed (their arms, legs & head move).
I use saftey eyes. Their pad pads on their hands and feet are leather,
usually soft deerskin. I "feed" (stuff) the bears with polyfiber.

I have lots of different size Teddy Bear patterns ranging from
a 3 inch Teddy Bear to a 3 foot Teddy Bear.
This is a great way to display, keep and preserve a family memory
and will continue through generations to come!

ONLY $40.00 per

I have several sizes of TEDDY BEAR patterns. This enables me to get as few or as many TEDDY BEARS as you need. What a great idea for other family members **sisters**aunt**children**grandchildren**

We suggest you ship your garment
UPS **insured** or
Priority Mail**with tracking numbers**

Email: sheepthrillsfiberfarm@yahoo.com

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